5 Reasons to Choose a Golf Club for Your Wedding

According to Hudson Valley Weddings, nearly 35% of weddings are now outdoor events, and this number is only expected to rise with the current social distancing measures. However, hosting an outdoor wedding isn’t only a good safety step, but it can also offer a beautiful backdrop for your special occasion. Golf courses like Jonathan’s Landing, in particular, have become popular places for both weddings and receptions, and when you look at the perks it isn’t hard to see why.

If you are looking for the perfect place to host a wedding, here is why you should consider not just a golf club, but Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club.

1.Everything in One Location

Often times weddings are held in one location with the reception taking place somewhere else. Having everyone pack up and move after the ceremony can be tedious, and it can also be time-consuming. This means you could end up wasting time that could have been spent starting the celebration. By having your wedding and reception at Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club you can consolidate everything into one gorgeous location in Kent County, Delaware and save loads of time. This can also be beneficial for elderly family members, or families with small children that might have a hard time getting to and from a different location.

2.Indoor and Outdoor Options

Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club also offers both indoor and outdoor options to help you make the most of your special day. For instance, you could have the ceremony outside against the meticulously maintained lush greens and then move inside for the reception. Our venue in Central Delaware also has additional areas such as gazebos, terraces, and ballrooms so that you can choose from a variety of options. Having easy access to the outdoors can also be beneficial for children in attendance so that they can play around without interrupting the reception.

3. Social Distancing

Choosing to have your wedding at a Delaware country club like Jonathan’s Landing is also great for keeping up with current social distancing measures. Because outdoor gatherings are recommended in Delaware, your event can be as safe as possible when you opt to hold your ceremony outdoors. Additionally, while there are capacity limits on indoor events, in large ballrooms this can be as large as 250 guests. This gives you plenty of space to invite everyone without having to cut down your guest list.

4. In-House Catering

Another benefit of hosting your wedding and reception at Jonathan’s Landing includes access to in-house catering services. This can include both food and bar services meaning you won’t have to spend any time worrying about hiring an outside service or bringing food yourself. Similarly, because our golf club prides itself on serving top of the line cuisine, you can expect professionally cooked delicious meal options to suit all of your guests’ tastes. From the gorgeous scenery of Magnolia, Delaware to Jonathan’s Landing top notch cuisine, it can be hard to find a venue as perfect as ours.

If you are planning your upcoming wedding, reach out to Jonathan’s Landing Golf Club today to learn more about packages and possibilities. The hardest part will be choosing between all of the incredible options!


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