Why Should You Consider Golf Lessons?

Golf is one of the great gifts Scotland gave the world and has never slowed in its popularity. Golf is a sport that involves skills in balance, stance, grip, and longevity, and relies on the right equipment and teachings. It is a sport that is best learned at the hands of a professional so that the player can play it with skill if they wish to excel in the sport. Yet, just 17% of people who play golf seek private golf lessons, according to the National Golf Foundation.

Golf Lessons

Playing golf is a skill just like any other. It is a skill that has to be learned and refined over time. Anyone can benefit by taking lessons from a golf pro, whether they are new to the game or have been playing it for a while but want to take things to the next level.

The Right Equipment

Not every set of golf clubs are made equally. A golf pro will be able to give you some insights on how to purchase a good set of clubs that will help your game from the very start. You can always find a variety of high-quality merchandise from our pro shop to purchase.

Stance and Grip

Proper stance and a good grip can be the difference between a well-aimed shot and a ball going somewhere into a trap or even the nearby woods. Your goal is to control where the ball goes.

A golf pro can look at your stance and give you pointers. In general, the balls of your feet, your knees, and your spine should line up. Your back knee should be slightly toward where you want to drive the ball. You should pay attention to your feet and how far apart your legs are. Check to see if you have the correct balance. Your stance should be adjusted according to which club you are using.

The grip with which you hold your club is just as crucial as your stance. A grip that is too light or too tight can cause you to lose control of the ball.

The Swing

After adjusting your stance and grip, a golf pro can help you with your swing. A proper golf swing will depend on your size, the club you are using, and what comes naturally to you.

Remember, golf is supposed to be fun. Unless you want to go pro, you should play golf because you enjoy it. You can work on your skills to become a better golfer, but you should never forget to enjoy yourself. Give Jonathan’s Landing a call today to connect with a private trainer or to hear about the other fantastic experiences we offer!

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