Why a Golf Course is a Perfect Event Venue for Prom

Event planning can be stressful. When looking for the perfect venue, the space must be large enough, the scenery spectacular, and the price must be right. Prom season is fast approaching. If you haven’t already found a venue or want an idea for next year’s prom, consider a golf course. Here is why a golf course makes a great event venue for prom.

Offers High Occupancy

If you have a larger school and will have a lot of attendees, a golf course is a great option. This is because golf courses will typically have very large rooms that are meant for gatherings. With prom especially, you want everyone to have enough room to move and dance. Before booking, you will need to know the number of expected attendees for safety reasons if indoors so people can sit at tables and eat without feeling crowded. A golf course will also have adequate parking. This is great because you do not want the students or chaperones to not have a parking spot available for them.

Beautiful Scenery

Golf courses also make a great event venue for prom because they will have beautiful landscaping and scenery. Not only does this make the event special, but it also provides great space for pictures.

Catering and Food Options

Good food is essential for an event. Most golf courses have chefs on the premises and big kitchens to utilize. Golf courses pride themselves on only offering the best, and this goes for food as well. you won’t have to go out of your way to find a caterer and coordinate the location and times. Finding a caterer can be very stressful if you need to have them arrive at a site by a specific time. Using a golf course for your event and having them take care of the food for prom eliminates one more thing off your checklist.

Golf courses are a great option for your next prom. They are spacious, elegant, and offer great amenities. For more information on Jonathan’s Landing event venue, contact us today.


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