What You Should Do Before Booking a Wedding Venue

When you’re planning a wedding, there are many decisions to make. One of the most important things is picking where your guests will witness, eat, and dance the night away. In fact, in the United States, 24% of millennials will look for a venue before getting engaged. But before you start looking for venues, it’s worth considering all of your options. Here are eight things to consider before booking a wedding venue.

1. Size Does Matter

You may think that bigger is better, but smaller can be more intimate and cost-effective. Consider how many guests you’ll be inviting and pick venues that can accommodate all of them.

2. The Wedding Style

If you’re a bohemian couple dreaming of a wedding by the sea, there’s no point booking a hotel in the middle of the city. If you want an outdoor ceremony, make sure your venue can accommodate it. And if you have quirky elements in your big day, look for venues that can support them.

3. Availability of Dates

You might find the perfect venue, with an amazing atmosphere and incredible food. But if it holds your wedding on the same day as another couple, you’ll have to change your plans. Check availability of dates and times before you book anything.

4. The Price Tag

While you don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your wedding for budget reasons, it is important that you find a venue within your price range. If you have a limited budget, focus on finding venues that offer food and drink packages or those that can be adapted to suit your needs.

5. Getting Around

When looking for a venue, consider how easily your guests can get to and from the ceremony and reception. If it’s in a remote location or if there are no hotels nearby, you should look at transport arrangements to ensure everyone can attend.

6. The Wedding Theme

Some venues are more suitable for certain wedding themes than others. If your big day has a specific theme (rustic, industrial, vintage), it’s worth choosing a venue that can really bring it to life. Equally important is the number of guests you plan to invite. You don’t want to lose the intimacy of a small wedding in favor of an extravagant party.

7. The Extras

You’ll need to pay for more than just the venue when you book a wedding. You may be responsible for providing your own bartenders, parking attendants, security guards, and entertainment, among other things. Be sure to look into what you’re required to provide when booking the venue so that your big day doesn’t become too stressful.

8. The View

Nothing quite gets your guests in the mood for romance more than a picturesque view. Whether it’s mountains, cityscapes, or even lush gardens, make sure your venue is somewhere you and all of your wedding guests will enjoy.

It may seem daunting, but finding a wedding venue doesn’t have to be a challenge. Just follow these eight simple steps, and you’ll find your perfect match in no time.


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