What to Consider When Planning a Large Birthday Party

Planning a large birthday party is a fun and exciting time. However, carefully planning the party is essential to ensure the day succeeds. Consider these things during your party planning.


Most people don’t have birthdays that fall on a weekend. However, planning a party for the weekend after or before a person’s birthday is popular for convenience. You’ll also need to consider the month of the birthday. According to USA Today, September is the most common month for birthdays. September 9 is one of the most common birthdays, so consider scheduling your party in advance if it falls on this date.


The venue is one of the most essential things to consider for any large gathering. Large parties need a venue that provides ample space for food, people, and mingling. Golf courses often have ample space for beautiful outdoor parties, as well as gorgeous indoor facilities for indoor celebrations. Contact local venues once you know how long the guest list is to find one that can accommodate the entire party.


Many venues have regulations regarding what you can and can’t do. Some will allow you to serve alcohol, while others will forbid it. A venue may let you have the entire place to yourself. However, large venues with multiple spaces may provide you with one guest ballroom and host other events in other ones. Make sure you know all the rules and regulations before renting a venue.


Most parties include a cake and maybe ice cream. However, all-day events often include a meal. Some people choose to have a table with appetizers, like fruit and vegetable trays. Finger sandwiches are another option. Hosts that would like to serve hot food must consider whether there is a place to plug in warming trays. Consider how you’ll store drinks and ask venues if refrigerator space will be available.


Plan activities and entertainment options suitable for the age of the guests. Parties for young children should include games to keep children entertained. However, parties for older individuals can consist of a DJ and a dance area to provide entertainment.

We specialize in hosting events of all sizes. Both our outdoor and indoor areas provide ample space to host a large birthday party. Contact Jonathan’s Landing today to discuss the details.

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