The Perfect Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Solution

Golf clubs and country clubs make an ideal setting for a wedding because they often have large banquet rooms, smaller rooms, gardens, a restaurant or catering service, and beautiful outdoor settings. At this location, you can have your shower and wedding receptions designed to meet your needs. A wedding venue can help you with photos, flowers, menu, planning, or an indoor or outdoor wedding reception.

Country Clubs Cater Events and Are Private

A wedding venue helps with many details of planning your event in Delaware. Golf clubs and country clubs have many different rooms and cater to many unique needs. They have a staff to help you plan your reception. They collaborate with florists, wedding planners, photographers, and transportation companies. Most wedding venues have restaurants and catering services that can help you plan your reception or bridal shower menu. They are connected to other businesses and can help with photos, flowers, and decorating the room or outdoor area. They tend to be in a country or rural setting so your wedding will have less traffic and noise. You can enjoy a quiet, peaceful setting and plenty of parking.

Designing an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding

These venues have the facilities to design an indoor or outdoor wedding that meet your dreams. They have banquet rooms, ballrooms, and rooms for smaller events. They often have beautiful, manicured lawns and gardens that make an ideal spot for an outdoor wedding or photos. If some of your guests like to golf, this can be an activity that is part of the wedding reception. They can set up tents for outdoor events when the weather is warmer.

A wedding venue like this can help you plan a buffet or sit-down dinner with a versatile menu that will please your guests. They often have sit-down or buffet dining packages that range in price and many options to choose what is served. They can arrange an open bar or specialized wine list. You can even plan your pre-wedding events there too.

Golf clubs and country clubs are great wedding venues because they have the facilities and catering staff to help you plan an indoor or outdoor wedding. They maintain the facilities and often have several rooms and beautiful outdoor settings to take pictures or have your event. They can help decorate and set up the rooms the way you want. Contact us today to learn more about planning your wedding.



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