How to Plan for Your Fall Wedding

Fall weddings, when done right, have the potential to be amazing experiences for everyone involved. Follow the tips below to plan for your fall wedding ceremony & reception to make an amazing and unforgettable event for yourself, your partner, and everyone else who will be involved.

Set Your Budget

Working with a budget will help you keep expenses manageable, as well as get everything you need. Make sure that your budget covers decorations, food, the venue, and everything else. Doing this early enough will help you stay ahead of expenses and pay vendors in good time. When you can look back and not have a moment of regret over expenses you had, it will be the best gift you can give yourself and your spouse for the future.

Find the Perfect Venue

During fall, the weather will be cold and you don’t want your guests to freeze. It’s best to have an indoor venue for both the wedding ceremony & reception if possible. If not, find a covered area that will provide a bit of shelter from strong winds and more. If you opt for an outdoor experience, prepare for the worst by having a sheltered venue on standby so that people can take cover from extreme weather if it happens.

Consider the Design of the Wedding Dress

While inspiration for sleeveless and short-sleeve wedding dresses is in plenty everywhere you look, a fall wedding may call for a more covered design. Consider getting a long-sleeved dress so you don’t have to contend with goosebumps, and have throw-blankets or even pashminas for your bridal team.

Set up a Fall-Inspired Menu

Finally, prepare warm and toasty fall meals, snacks, and drinks for your wedding ceremony & reception. Organize cups of coffee and hot cocoa to either be delivered to your reception or prepared for your guests by the catering team. These will keep your guests warm because everyone enjoys seasonal teas, candy apples, pies, and other seasonal fall treats.

In 2020, there was an increase of 11% in outdoor weddings, and this trend will probably continue. Use the four tips outlined above to plan for a great fall wedding that will blow everyone away and leave them with warm memories to last them for all time.


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