Are More Weddings Being Held Outside than Before?

Planning a wedding ceremony & reception can be a challenge because there are so many good venue options. Many couples choose a one-stop-shop location for both the wedding ceremony & reception. Doing so often makes it a lot easier for guests, and it offers an easier way to plan. Many couples take at least part of their event outdoors. Here are a few reasons why more and more weddings are moving outside.

Outdoor Weddings Are Popping Up Everywhere

According to Wedding Wire, outdoor weddings increased by 11% in 2020. In addition, more couples choose to have a hybrid wedding ceremony and reception, where the ceremony is outdoors and guests move indoors for the reception. For many couples, the benefits of having an outdoor wedding are the biggest selling points. There are several clear advantages to having an outdoor wedding. We’ll review even more of them below.

Your Guest List Will Expand

The beauty of an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception is that you do not have to narrow down your guest list too heavily. Outdoor spaces usually have a much larger capacity available. You can invite who you want and not have to worry about people being uncomfortably piled up together. Make sure you check with your venue about capacity before finalizing your guest list.

Your Backdrop Will Be Stunning

Nature itself is decoration enough, which means you can save on floral arrangements and other decorations that you would traditionally need indoors. If you plan your wedding at the right time of year at the right outdoor venue, you will have a perfectly beautiful backdrop for all of your photos. Don’t forget about the magical natural lighting that you will be surrounded by when you choose an outdoor wedding ceremony & reception. Your event will be aglow with beautiful natural light.

You’ll Cultivate a More Relaxed Vibe

No matter how prepared you are to take that walk down the aisle, pre-ceremony jitters are completely normal. That said, outdoor spaces have been known to have a calming effect on the mind. Choosing an outdoor wedding venue may help keep those jitters at bay. In addition, your guests will likely enjoy the beautiful, relaxed nature of your ceremony.

An outdoor wedding ceremony & reception could be the ideal option for you. It’s a great way to have enough elbow room for all your guests, save some money, and fully enjoy the event. For more information or to tour our beautiful wedding venue, contact our team at Jonathan’s Landing today.

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