A Complete Guide to Organizing Your Corporate Golf Outing

Are you planning a corporate golf outing? This is a great way to gather your team or entire company together for a fun day out of the office. If you’ve never planned such an event before, you may wonder how to go about it without causing any hiccups. Here is a helpful guide to ensure it all goes to plan.

Get a Headcount

Start by taking a general survey on how many people would be interested in a golf outing. You may consider the overall age range of your team or company as a good head start. After all, according to a Statista survey, Americans aged 30 to 49 are the ones most likely to play golf. If you have a large team or company-wide corporate event, you need a golf course with enough space to accommodate everyone.

Choose Catering Options

When people are on a golf course all day, they’re going to need good refreshments. Luckily, most golf courses do have catering or banquet options available. As you’re looking at golf courses in the area, get an idea of the type of food offerings they have.

Consider the Objective

What is the objective of this golf outing? Is this simply a team-building event or a reward for a job well done? Are you rewarding your team for high sales, or are you trying to welcome your new hires during your massive expansion this year?

Pick the Right Location

You want the ideal location that makes it easy for everyone to get to the gold outing. You may plan on having everyone meet at the corporate office and arranging buses or vans to transport everyone to the golf course. It’s especially important to make sure the golf course is in a convenient location if people have to provide their own transportation.

When you want to have a fun day out of the office, there’s no better way to do so than by enjoying the outdoors with some golf time. Whether you have a small team or a large company to please, golf can bring people together. By following the above steps, you can get started on having an annual golf outing many people will look forward to. Contact Jonathan’s Landing today to see how we can accommodate your company’s needs.

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