4 Key Things to Look for in a Wedding Reception Venue

According to Hudson Valley Weddings, approximately 35% of weddings are outdoor occasions. Choosing the best location for your reception can make or break your special day. Read on to learn more if you are looking for places for wedding receptions located in Kent County, Delaware.

Location and Capacity

After the wedding ceremony, you don’t want to travel hundreds of kilometers for the reception. A venue that is easily accessible will be more convenient.

You want a venue that can accommodate all your guests. Party venues with enough space for dining, mingling, and dancing won’t disappoint.

Food and Drinks Offered

Most of your guests will remember what you offered during the wedding, so food and drinks are important. Many wedding venues in Dover, Delaware will offer quality food and drinks. It’s your wedding, so plan in advance what will be offered to the invited guests. Consider places for wedding receptions providing what you want in their packages.

Decor and Entertainment

Your wedding reception space should amplify your feelings. A perfect venue should be well-designed with colorful drapes, classic furniture, table cloths, flowers all over, perfect lighting, and colorful rugs on the floors.

After the wedding ceremony, it’s good to have fun with your partner and guests. Consider one of the places for wedding receptions with classic music systems, dance floor, and bartenders to serve your guests.

Guest Experience

You want your guests to feel comfortable and special. Besides entertainment and delicious meals, a perfect place for a wedding reception should have well-conditioned rooms, among other amenities.

Most of your guests are likely to come with private means of transport. As such, look for a venue with plenty of secure parking space.

At your wedding, you want everything to be perfect ranging from ceremony to reception. For a memorable wedding, your reception venue should tick all the right boxes in your checklist. Contact us today if you are looking for one of the best places for wedding receptions in Magnolia, Delaware.


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